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Vol. 2 No. 4 (2021): IJAE Vol. 02, No. 4, December 2021

Published: Nov 15, 2021

Islamic Education

Factors that Affect Teachers in Building Student’s Islamic Character

Page: 462-471


Linda Sari Bulan Siregar

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Read Statistic: 40

Mass Perception about Music during Lockdown in Nepal

A Case of Fine Arts Campus

Page: 472-479


Parsuram Prasad Poudel

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Read Statistic: 51

Computer Simulation Integration in Secondary Physics

Understanding its Nature, Impacts, and Challenges

Page: 480-492


Jovalson Abiasen, Gaudelia Reyes

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Read Statistic: 38

Relative Importance Index (RII) in Ranking the Factors of Employer Satisfaction Towards Industrial Training Students

Page: 493-503


Duratul Ain Tholibon, Masyitah Md Nujid, Hamizah Mokhtar, Jamilah Abd Rahim, Nurul Faiizin Abdul Aziz, Amirah Amalina Ahmad Tarmizi

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Read Statistic: 54

Hindrance to Online Education during Lockdowns

Insights and Measures

Page: 504-513


Sumitra Pokhrel, Roshan Chhetri

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Read Statistic: 214

Readiness of Students in Flexible Learning Modality

A Convergent Parallel Mixed-Methods Study

Page: 514-530


Rodrigo Jr Licayan, Herrera, Angelli B, Bersano, Michelle S, Idul, Rocris Glenn R

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Read Statistic: 121

Deploying Blended Learning in the New Normal Pedagogy

Challenges and Prospects in Bangladesh

Page: 531-538


Mohammad Ehsanul Islam Khan

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Read Statistic: 75

Impact of GeoGebra on the Students’ Conceptual

Understanding of Limit of a Function in Bhutan

Page: 539-548


Kado Kado

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Teacher's Competence

Applying the Problem-Based Learning Model through Academic Supervision

Page: 559-572


Juni Agus Simaremare, Nancy Angelia Purba

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Read Statistic: 43

Learning Motivation

Strategies to Increase Students' Engagement in Online Learning at San Sebastian College-Recoletos, Manila

Page: 573-580


Ma Lourdes Narca, Dennis G. Caballes

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Read Statistic: 12

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