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Vol. 4 No. 3 (2023): IJAE Vol. 04, No. 3, September 2023

Published: Sep 7, 2023

Towards Liberating Education

A Proposed Rights-based Instructional Planning Approach for Teaching Higaonon Learners in the Philippines

Page: 132-149


Ernesto Jr. Bastida, Maria Ana Quimbo, Ruth Ortega-Dela Curuz, Evelie Serrano, Merlyne Paunlagui, Edmund Centeno

Abstract Views: 78

Adolescence Students’ Critical Thinking Skills in The Context of Christian Education

Page: 150-156


Yosef Patandung

Abstract Views: 27

Accounts of Culled Out Students from Board Programs

A Phenomenological Inquiry

Page: 157-166


Kristy Jane R. Muegna, Jonelson C. Escandallo, Deveyvon L. Espinosa

Abstract Views: 22

Family Altar as a Papuan Contextual Missiology Education in Christian Family Environment

Page: 167-178


Yohanes Kristian Labobar

Abstract Views: 20

The Influence of Emotional Intelligence and School Principal Leadership on Teacher Work Behavior

Page: 179-189


Ramlah Ramlah, Sukirman Nurdjan, Hilal Mahmud

Abstract Views: 36

The Influence of Knowledge Aspects of The Multicultural on The Implementation of Multicultural Education in Elementary Schools

Page: 190-201


Suzana Muhamad Pilus, Ngoc Minh Nguyen

Abstract Views: 37

Enhancing Assertiveness Through Traditional Turkish Folk Dance

Page: 202-211


Züleyha Avşar

Abstract Views: 11

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