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International Journal of Asian Education (IJAE) eISSN: 2722-8592, and pISSN: 2723-746x is a high-quality open-access and peer-reviewed journal that is published by Research and Education Development (READ) Institute (publisher collaborating with Faculty of Education and Teacher Training of IAIN Palopo) providing a platform that welcomes and acknowledges high-quality original papers about education written by researchers, academicians, professionals, and practitioners over the world. 


Vol. 2 No. 2 (2021): IJAE Vol. 02, No. 2, June 2021

Published: May 11, 2021

(Literature Review) The Conceptual Confusion of Teaching Quality and Teacher Quality, and a Clarity Pursuit

Page: 98-119 Authors: Awuradjoa Aidoo, Luo Shengquan
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Analysis of the Implementation of Distance Learning in the COVID-19 Pandemic New Normal Era

Page: 120-128 Authors: Muzanip Alperi, Riyanto Riyanto, Johanes Sapri, Alexon Alexon, Dewi Handayani
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Read Statistic: 174

Democracy Education for Children using a Cartoon Video and Mock Voting

Page: 129-140 Authors: Jun Makita
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Read Statistic: 48

Analysis of the Value and Advantages of Financial Literacy and Digitalization to the Individual

Page: 141-152 Authors: Afzal Sayed Munna, Rehana Khanam
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Read Statistic: 121

Teaching Practices of EFL Teachers and the Enhancement of Creative Thinking Skills among Learners

Page: 153-166 Authors: Thouqan Saleem Masadeh
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Read Statistic: 58

Re-entry Policy Implementation Effectiveness

a Case of Secondary Schools in Lusaka, District, Zambia

Page: 167-181 Authors: Gift Muyunda
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Read Statistic: 180

Parental Choice

Facilitators and Barriers of Utilizing Childcare Centers in Karachi, Pakistan

Page: 182-194 Authors: Zahra Premani, Zohra Kurji, Yasmin Mithani
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Read Statistic: 45

Teachers' Attributes and Self-Efficacy as Predictors of Classroom Management

Page: 195-212 Authors: Cecilia Suico
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Read Statistic: 54

Self-Concept Transformation on Senior Secondary School Students' Academic Achievement in Central Zone, Plateau State, Nigeria

Page: 213-223 Authors: Gwaison Panan Danladi, Shuaibu Saidu, Jacob, I. Otaha
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Read Statistic: 66

Al-Islam dan Kemuhammadiyahan

How to Teach the Non-Muslim Students at Muhammadiyah Education University of Sorong

Page: 224-234 Authors: M Husnaini, Ahmad Syauqi Fuady, Irnie Victorynie
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Read Statistic: 107

Effect of using Problem-Based Learning on the Academic Achievement of Higher Secondary School Students

Page: 235-243 Authors: Tshewang Dorji
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Read Statistic: 30

Sensitivity Towards Sociocultural Plagiarism in the Context of Varied Discipline among College Students

Page: 244-255 Authors: Lillian C. Calicdan, Rhyan Mike R. Bacaro, Dennis C. Ramo, Rodrigo Jr Licayan
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Read Statistic: 77

The Islamic Education Through Scientific Approach

Learning and Character Building on Transmigration Territories Elementary School

Page: 256-266 Authors: Ahmad Suradi, Nilawati Nilawati, Ani Aryati
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Read Statistic: 26

Emotional Intelligence and Values in Digital World through Emoticons among Indian Students and Faculty

Page: 267-276 Authors: Bhuvaneswari G, Subhasri Vijayakumar
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Read Statistic: 14

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