Call for Papers  Volume 3, Issue 01, March 2022 | Submit Now | Open Access | Peer Review

Vol. 2 No. 4 December 2021

  1. (copy-editing) Readiness of Students in Flexible Learning Modality
  2. (copy-editing) Computer Simulation Integration in Secondary Physics: Understanding its Nature, Impacts, and Challenges
  3. (copy-editing) Ensuring Equity and Access on the Chosen Learning Delivery Modalities in the New Normal
  4. (copy-editing) Relative Importance Index (RII) In Ranking the Factors of Employer Satisfaction Towards Industrial Training Students
  5. (copy-editing) Impact of GeoGebra on the conceptual understanding of limit of the function at Gongzim Ugyen Dorji Central School, in Bhutan
  6. (copy-editing) Professional Competency of Indonesian Teachers: Applying the Problem-Based Model Learning Through Academic Supervision
  7. (copy-editing) Teacher Strategies of Islamic Education in Building Akhlāq among Students: Supporting Factors in Implementation
  8. (copy-editing) Deploying Blended Learning in the New Normal Pedagogy: Challenges and Prospects in Bangladesh
  9. (copy-editing) Motivational Activities to increase Engagement among Selected Students of San Sebastian College-Recoletos, Manila
  10. (copy-editing) COVID 19 Pandemic and the Library Online Services: Describing SSC Manila High School Librarians’ Experiences
  11. (copy-editing) Evaluating Non-STEM Students’ understanding of Evolution: Basis for designing Pedagogical Intervention
  12. (copy-editing) Hindrance to online Education during lockdowns: Insights and Measures
  13. (copy-editing) Relationship of Chemistry Teachers’ Knowledge, Skills and Affective on Computer-Assisted Learning
  14. (copy-editing) Mass Perception about Music during Lockdown in Nepal: A Case of Fine Arts Campus
  15. (copy-editing) Examining the Strengths and Limitations of Ethnographic Research: An evaluation of two studies in Distinctive Educational Contexts

Vol. 3 No. 1 March 2022

  1. (copy-editing) Teaching and Research: A Study of Symbiotic Relationship
  2. (copy-editing) Human Resource Management: Implications of Quality-Oriented Teacher Recruitment for Improving the Quality of Education in the Future
  3. (copy-editing) Challenges Faced by IIUM Postgraduate Students in Conducting the Qur’an Memorization and Working for Living During Their Study Period